Cook Turkey Bacon

How To Cook Turkey Bacon? – Simple Guide

Wondering how to cook turkey bacon? Turkey bacon is a delicious alternative to traditional pork bacon. It is lower in fat and calories, and has a milder flavor. It is easy to cook, and can be used in many different recipes. Turkey bacon cooks quickly and easily in the microwave. Here is a simple guide on how to cook turkey bacon.

Remove the turkey bacon from its wrapper

  • Use a pair of kitchen shears to cut open the plastic packaging.
  • Or a sharp knife to slice open the plastic packaging.
  • Use tongs or tweezers to pull out individual pieces of turkey bacon from their packages.

Place the strips on a microwave-safe plate

You need to position the strips on a microwave-safe plate. Make sure it is clean and not too small or large, as this may cause the bacon to cook unevenly. The plate should be made of a material that absorbs microwave energy well but does not conduct heat (for example, glass), as this will cause hot spots in your bacon. Metal plates should also be avoided because they could transfer heat back into the bacon during cooking.

Cook on high for one minute

Now, if you like your bacon crispy, cook it on high for one minute. If you want it soft and chewy, cook it for less time. Be careful not to burn it!

Flip them over and cook for another 30 seconds to one minute, depending on how crispy you like your turkey bacon.

Now, flip your turkey bacon over to cook on the other side. Depending on how crispy you like your turkey bacon, this will take anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute.

Take it out of the microwave and enjoy!

Once you’ve waited the proper amount of time, remove the bacon from the microwave. Use a fork to gently flip it over and then place it back in for another minute. The second round will make sure you get an even cook on both sides of the bacon are cooked evenly.

When it’s done, take the bacon out of the microwave and enjoy! Warm it up and put on top of eggs or toast or even eat it by itself and we’ll see you tomorrow! For those who are already feeling full from dealing with all the turkeys, yesterday can already be quite enough. Remind us then to deal with that turkey because we just have to get rid of it.

To store leftover turkey bacon: wrap each piece of turkey in plastic wrap or aluminum foil before refrigerating (this prevents grease from soaking into other foods). Your leftover meat will keep for up to three days at room temperature but will last longer once it has been refrigerated.

Professional Tips For Cooking Turkey Bacon

The key for making amazing turkey bacon lies in cooking it in a skillet with ample fat. There are a few things that you could do to make the cleaning process easier for yourself. First of all, avoid using metal pans because these differ from cast iron ones, and though both can conduct heat evenly, metal still retains more heat, which will burn your bacon if used. This can be really upsetting if you want perfectly crispy bacon every time. And we all do because everyone loves its flavor! 

When it comes to pan release oils, never use butter or olive oil as they will cause food to stick, making cleanup even trickier than before. Canola and corn oil are good alternatives here as they have high smoke points and tend to resist sticking as well. Another way to avoid scrubbing is by using some foil on the bottom of your oven. The easiest way to do this is by putting aside one sheet for each use and then tossing them when finished. However, if you have alternative methods for cooking turkey bacon or simply wish to share your culinary experiences with the multitude of food enthusiasts on YouTube, explore Youtubestorm‘s offerings.


We hope we’ve given you some great tips for cooking turkey bacon in your microwave. It’s quick and easy and a delicious alternative for when you want to eat bacon but don’t have time! As always, check with the directions on your package before starting any recipe so that way you can make sure it is safe for cooking. Happy cooking!

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